Friday, January 23, 2009

We're Just Curious

Take a sec and tell us where you live by clicking on the poll to the right. We've always been curious about the SS demographics. Also, you can click on the Response button at the bottom of each posting to tell us feedback on the post.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Civil Unrest

In the last comment made on this site, a commenter identified as HaHaHaHa wrote this:
There is nothing civil about this website.

Our response:

Dear HaHaHaHa,

You are absolutely correct. There is NOTHING civil about this website. It is precisely because of the un-civil activities of a couple of people that we were forced to create this site. We don’t like it. We didn’t want to do it. We dread posting to it. It is not civil!

We dream of a Village where a site like this has no place and no purpose, where neighbors are civil to one another; when someone has a complaint they address it directly in a mature, civil manner. We dream of a Village where people work together for the common good of all. We are tired of worrying who is on whose side; we are tired of watching our street looking for whoever might come cruising by with their clipboards and cameras acting like God’s own hallway monitors.

We are sick of the whole mess and we’re going to end it now. We stated much earlier that it was never our intention to maintain this site forever. Hey, we’ve got lives, too. This blog is a canker sore on the Village and we’re going to cover it up once and for all.

Thank you to the many helpful commenters and readers. And to those who preferred to be insulting and rude, well, we would have hoped that your mothers had taught you better.

This will be our last post. Leave a comment if you will. Any comments which we find offensive will be smote (smited?). In a few weeks, we’ll probably delete the blog altogether.

Be good.

This blog has lain quiet with nary a post or comment since September. A year ago, we were about to take it offline when we got slapped with a lawsuit. Never ones to flee from a fight we left the blog running a bit longer (although out hearts were clearly not in it).

It's now been nearly a year since the suit and we think it is finally time to pull up stakes and pack the tent. We removed all previous posts and comments and put up the announcement that this blog was headed for cyber-heaven. We wanted to say farewell to our faithful readers and then slide slowly into the sunset.

But dang it all, within a few hours of our posting our plans to terminate this blog Shelly Cargill (or someone using her name) began posting a sonnet to the Swartzs detailing what wonderful people they are. We deleted her comment not because of her support of the Swartzs but because she named and attacked other people not associated with this blog. She re-posted and we re-deleted. Rinse and repeat.

As we stated in the comments, if you want to gush about the Swartzs, fine. We'll keep it posted. As we've stressed several times in the past, if you've got something to get off your chest and you don't like how we run this blog then START YOUR OWN BLOG. It's easy.